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Magnolia 'Solar Flair'

The Magnolia Society International is a non-profit organization devoted to the appreciation and study of magnolias. Founded in 1963, the Society activities include exchanging magnolia plant material, evaluating and promoting magnolia cultivars, educating the garden community, supporting research on magnolias, and serving as the international registration authority for new magnolia cultivars.

Our Society has over 600 members including nurserymen, home gardeners, horticulturists, authors, botanists, and researchers from 40 countries.

The mission of the Magnolia Society International is to inform, educate and inspire people, from backyard gardeners to botanists, to learn more about the cultivation, conservation, taxonomy and propagation of Magnolias.

While there are over 240 species of Magnolias, you may be familiar with only a fraction of the varieties. Contrary to popular belief, many magnolias are quite hardy, and stunning new hybrids are being developed each year. The Magnolia Society International invites you to join us in exploring the world of these fascinating plants. As a member you will enjoy:

  • Our full-color journal published twice a year contains expert information gained from first-hand experience with growing, breeding and propagating magnolias. Learn about the latest plant hunter finds from around the world, study the latest thinking in magnolia propagation, and discover the best places to visit magnolias.
  • Our twice-yearly newsletter includes news from and about members, along with information on annual meetings, tours, Magnolia Study Days, publications, and other items of interest to magnoliaphiles.
  • An invitation to the annual meeting each Spring, a rare opportunity to tour public and private gardens containing spectacular magnolia collections.
  • Annual seed exchange, when members can donate and purchase magnolia seeds of rare species, deliberate crosses and open-pollinated seeds from exceptional specimens.
  • Access to a network of magnolia expertise from around the world.

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